Orion Age: 20
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6' 1"
Likes: Weird physics, RPGs, pizza, RPGs, comics .
Dislikes: Responsibility, work, deadlines, math.
Skills: Decent physics knowledge, gaming, and art. Horrible magical knowledge.
Orion is a nice guy and laid-back enough to get along with most people, but tends to be impulsive and sometimes inconsiderate. He attends Rhodes College, or at least he did, and majors in physics. This didn't exactly pan out the way he planned, since an immanent collision on the road activated his latent talents and catapulted both him and his younger sister into another world. With the help of Ela and her master he has managed to gain a rough semblance of control over his powers but the simplest spells still give him trouble. Unknown to him (fortunately) he is also subject to a particularly unusual fate. He is a "hero" and is destined to live in interesting times no matter what trouble it causes.
Laura Age:17
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'4
Likes: Hip-hop/rap, driving, stuff.
Dislikes: Orion, being told what to do, authority.
Skills: Driving, martial arts.
Before the incident which started this planar trek, Laura was doing fairly well for herself. She has a lot more drive than Orion, and has managed to get a license, a car and a job well before he even started thinking about it. However, when the two of them were flung into the Five Kingdoms, Laura found herself stuck in a place with no gas stations, no ATMS, and no cell phone reception and the only way to get home is to depend on Orion. Needless to say this doesn't suit her and her temper has been getting shorter and shorter since she arrived. Now that they're finally on the way home she's feeling better but is still pessimistic about the outcome, especially since she has found out her brother is a walking trouble magnet.
Age: 189
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8"
Likes: Magical Theory, Adventures.
Dislikes: People who stereotype elves.
Skills: High-caliber magical knowledge, various occult and arcane lore.
Before her journey Ela lived in her Master's tower, which was hard enough by itself. When Orion and Laura arrived she found things becoming even stranger as Orion began to cause one disaster after another. Despite the frustrations of trying to teach him not to blow things or people up by accident, Ela has actually enjoyed herself quite a bit, although she won't admit it. The excitement produced by just being in the same town as a Hero is more fun than she has had in decades. While her raw magical strength and stamina do not come anywhere near Orion's her control and spell casting techniques are excellent and she is counted as a first-rate mage.
Age: Unknown
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Unknown
Height: 6'1
Likes:  His dog.
Dislikes: People trying to get in the Tower.
Skills: Staff fighting, fast recovery.
A man full of mystery, he guards a place called the Tower. He has tried warning Orion about something before, only appearing as a small apparition. Where he and what he is remains unknown.
Age: 17
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'3
Likes:  Orion, bananas, collecting things.
Dislikes: Orion being away, being talked back to.
Natty is apparently Orion's girlfriend from a unknown stage in his journey. With The Lost Ship and her "magical computer" Sebastian they travel across dimensions similarly to Orion and his crew. It's unknown yet exactly what they are up to though.
Age: Unknown
Hair: Black in hologram
Eyes: Brown in hologram
Height: 6'3
Likes:  Being efficient, staying on task.
Dislikes: Orion, chaos.
Skills: Magic Computer Orb thingy.
A strange device that acts like a navigator, computer and butler for Natty on her ship. Usually seen as small devices throughout the ship, when he appears before people in hologram form his appearance is just like that of Mansfield. Whether there is connections here is unknown.
Age: Unknown
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Black
Height: 1'5
Likes: Nibbling things, being freaky.
Dislikes: Being thrown.
Skills: Very poisonous, sharp bits.
The Spider Rat King hails from an unknown dimension where he ruled over others of his kind, trapped along with countless other deadly objects and entities (see Repository of Dangerous Things). During a mass escape he escaped through a dimensional portal. He now travels with Orion and Laura out of convenience, mostly in Laura's purse, occasionally comes out to eat and play cards. He doesn't talk, but he's a lot smarter than he looks. 

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